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Rave Reviews

"My family and I are very pleased with the services we have received. The staff is very friendly and courteous, very caring and conscious about time. Dr. Jones is also very patient and takes time to explain everything to us during his consultation with us.”

- Joel Pompey -

"After 8 years, nothing has changed; the staff of Jones Dental Care always has the interest of their patients at heart.”

- Y. Dunkley -

"Good People, Great Service.”


- T. Roberts -

"This place is very clean and artistically designed to make you comfortable. The staff and Doctors are very nice and well equipped in their special duties. They are always willing to assist in any way possible. I would not hesitate to recommend their facility to my family and friends.”

- Etta and Lascelles Williams -

"Service – Great in all areas”

- Trevor Harriot -

"Many of us rarely or never visit the dentist because of dental anxiety or phobia. This is not case with me and my dentist Dr. Ian Jones. A visit to the dentist often times is considered by many to be very traumatizing but not the case with Dr. Ian Jones. I have been under his care for quite a long time, then my husband joined me and no my 5 year old daughter. The dental care provided is unbelievable. Dr. Jones’ ultimate concern is to make his patients comfortable yet satisfied at a time when their fear is at its peak. Whether I am visiting for a regular cleaning or an extraction, the experience, atmosphere and level of professionalism is always heart warming. What else would you ask for at a dental visit?.”

- Sharlene Funchess -

"Everyone that I’ve referred to Dr. Jones has been totally satisfied. His office is professional and family oriented. I’ve been a patient for over 5 years and the same friendly and caring staff is still with Dr. Jones. They are committed to Dr. Jones and his patients. What else could one ask for?.”

- Paulette Salmon -

"Dr. Jones and his staff are the most friendly and courteous dental office I have done dental work at and I’ve been to many in the Ft. Lauderdale area.”

- Errol Crichton -

"The staff is highly professional. They treat you like your one of the family. They respect your every needs and comfort. The work that is done is recognizable.”

- Jervis W. -