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Regular Check Ups

The American Dental Association recommends that you visit your dentist regularly – twice a year, if possible – for professional cleanings and oral exams. Most checkups with us are standard, with the following steps:

Step 1: X-Rays

When you arrive, the dental assistant or hygienist will escort you to a treatment room and, if needed, take your X-rays. To do this, you will be protected with a lead apron and X-rays are taken with a state-of-the-art X-ray machine. The X-rays will show Dr. Jones the bones around your mouth and how your teeth fit together. If you have any cavities, they may also show up on your X-rays.

Step 2: Cleaning

To examine your teeth, the hygienist will use a specially-designed mirror and instrument to scrape off plaque and tartar – both of which cause tooth decay. The hygienist might also use a suction device to keep your mouth more comfortable. Then the hygienist will polish your teeth with a high-tech toothbrush and toothpaste. The hygienist will also floss your teeth.

Step 3: Fluoride Treatment

You might also get a fluoride treatment to help strengthen your teeth and help prevent cavities. You will either swish a liquid fluoride in your mouth or the hygienist will spread a fluoride gel on your teeth. After a few minutes, you will rinse. This will be followed by your favorite part – a hot towel treatment.

Step 4: Gum Evaluation

Once the cleaning is complete, the doctor will examine your teeth and gums for cavities or signs of disease. The two of you may also discuss how you take care of your teeth and the kinds of foods you eat. In addition, he may make additional recommendations for your oral care. Remember also to ask the doctor any questions that you may have.

Step 5: Other Procedures

In time, you may need additional dental procedures. When that is the case, we start by providing you with literature about the treatment, so you know what to expect. And, as always, we encourage you to ask questions. In addition, Dr. Jones will do his best to ensure that you are as comfortable and pain-free as possible.